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Our Story

  • OSSC Established

    OSSC Established

    Tunas Muda School was first established in 1994 under the name OSSC (One Stop Study Centre). The institution primarily offered English course around Kedoya area in West Jakarta, with students ranging from Toddlers to KB.

  • First Batch Primary Students

    First Batch Primary Students

    The first primary level class was opened in 1999 with 6 students. At this point, the school offered a full primary level lesson to the students, with emphasis on the English language.

  • Move to Kedoya Campus Changed named to Tunas Muda School

    Move to Kedoya Campus Changed named to Tunas Muda School

    In 2000, The school moved to a larger campus in Kedoya and expanded classes up to Year 3. This is the same campus that is still being used today in Kedoya. The OSSC name was changed officially to Tunas Muda School (Sekolah Tunas Muda).

  • Adopted IB Programmes

    Adopted IB Programmes

    In 2003, Tunas Muda School became a registered International Bacccalaureate school by officially adopting the Primary Years Programme. Classes are offered up to Year 8, with our most senior cohort comprising of 4 students.

  • Meruya Campus Opened. First Batch Senior High School.

    Meruya Campus Opened. First Batch Senior High School.

    The Meruya Campus was officially opened in 2005, with classes offered from Toddlers up to Year 10. Starting from that year, the Kedoya Campus was dedicated for students up to Year 6 only.

  • First High School Graduates

    First High School Graduates

    Tunas Muda School celebrated the first graduating class in 2008, with 24 students completing either the IB Diploma Programme or the Global Assessment Certificate (GAC).

  • First TMS CUP

    First TMS CUP

    The first Tunas Muda School Cup was held in 2010 with the theme “Metamorphosis”. The school hosted competitions in Basketball, Soccer, Band, Design, and many others alongside neighboring schools.

  • TMS Commited to become Catholic School

    TMS Commited to become Catholic School

    In 2012, Tunas Muda School became a Catholic school, whereby students below Year 1 at that time were taught only the Catholic faith in religion class. Every class below that cohort have had Catholic teachings in religion class ever since.

  • TMS Chapels Opened

    TMS Chapels Opened

    In 2015, Tunas Muda School completed the development of the school chapels, both in Kedoya and in Meruya. These chapels serve to support TMS’ commitment to become a leading Catholic world school.

  • Today


    Today, Tunas Muda School has grown into an institution which nurtures more than 1,000 students, offering a complete continuum of the IB Programmes from the Primary Years, Middle Years, and the Diploma Programmes. Our alumni are spread around the world, both studying and working, even having families of their own; enlarging the TMS family.

Our Campuses

Meruya Campus
Nursery to Year 12
Age 2 to 18 Years Old

Jalan Meruya Utara Raya No.71
Kembangan, Jakarta 11620

Kedoya Campus
Toddlers to Year 6
Age 1 to 12 Years Old

Jalan Angsana Raya D8/2,Taman Kedoya Baru
Kedoya, Jakarta 11520