The International Baccalaureate comprises of four programmes, which aims to nurture students from their early development to their pre-adult stage, enabling them to think critically and independently, while fostering empathy in an entrepreneurial environment, thus creating holistic individuals for a better generation.
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IB in Tunas Muda School
At Tunas Muda, we believe that the IB resonates with what we envision for our students, a community of learners who does not merely listen well, but also learn well. This includes the ability of students to ask the right questions, being open-minded to new lessons, and applying these lessons to the real world. Ever since our adoption of the programme in 2003, we have seen our students grow to becoming well-rounded individuals who are not only confident in their capabilities, but also willing to share their knowledge and skills with communities which might need their talents. This has led us to fully adopt 3 out of the IB’s 4 programmes, enabling TMS students to experience the full taste of the IB methodology, from Pre-Kindergarten up to Year 12.