I chose to enrol my children in TMS because of the IB programme that focuses on the character of a student rather than only academics. The project-based curriculum will be very useful for my children’s lives in the future, be it for their daily routines or in their journey to reach their dreams. I’m very impressed with the way TMS applies the IB programme.

I’m pleased with TMS. My children are always happy when leaving for school. I notice that their character development has also been very good. I commend the teachers who have been very hands-on with the children, especially in their ability to provide understanding when the children do something that might be improper.

Mr. Ivan Mario
Parent of Kioko Zoe and Aoki Lilo

“I would like to take this opportunity to pass my thanks to all of the teachers, staff and non staff at Tunas Muda Kedoya for the past three years that my son has been in the school.
After having trials in many different schools, my husband and I decided that Tunas Muda Kedoya was the best choice for our only son to start his early learning experience in the Nursery level. The first time I visited, I sensed warmth and a family oriented atmosphere radiating from the school. We met Miss Marissa, who showed us around the school, Miss Rachel who is an amazing Principal, greeted us warmly, and last but not least, Miss Tiffany, who explained a lot about the IB Program and how the teachers could help Frederick to succeed both academically and socially. I am proud of my son’s confident nature, his creativity and his enthusiasm to learn new things, and his positive attitudes right now. I believe it is the combination of both nature and nurture that could make a child well rounded. So thank you to everyone at Tunas Muda Kedoya.”

Ibu Gracia
(Parent of Frederick)

I’ve been in Tunas Muda since my son was in Pre -K and now. He is already in Year 8. When I was first looking for a school for my son, I had many choices. However, I eventually chose Tunas Muda as it was a 5 -star school. It followed the IB curriculum and also because I saw that it was a school that had an environment that was ideal for my son to grow, learn and develop in as it was safe, healthy and there were always wise and caring teachers who were there to watch over all the kids. Finally, I saw that it could help my child to grow spiritually, emotionally, personally, academically and that it could teach my child to apply the IB Learner Profile in everyday life.
As time passed, I became more and more convinced that registering my child in Tunas Muda School was one of the best choices that I had ever made. My child is able to enjoy coming to school, discussing topics together with the class and come home every day with a new pile of knowledge in his brain. He grows to be a more independent, curious, inquiring, knowledgeable and principled child every day. The school taught about the principles of life and how all these skills and things that were being taught would be useful in the future. My son is always telling me how interactive the school is and he is always able to grasp all the concepts and topics that were being taught to him due to the teachers’ skill in teaching. I can confidently say that being in Tunas Muda has made my son develop and grow into a better person every single day as he always tells me how he loves the challenges and the tasks that are given to him by the school and I think that this means that the school is able to make the students have a passion for learning.
My child has achieved a lot in a decade of being in T unas Muda. Tunas Muda is amazing and extraordinary in caring for its students and making sure that they become the best that they can be. Because of this my child has achieved great things, both nationally and internationally. I just hope that Tunas Muda will never stop in its quest to develop and improve itself to become a better school and that it will continue to surprise me with the way it can guide and teach my child into being a better person. I am proud to be part of the ever growing Tunas Muda Family!

Felisia Anita
Parent of Matthew Tyrone Tan, Year 8

Having enrolled my children to Tunas Muda Kedoya is one of the best decisions I have ever made as a parent! It has absolutely been a life-changing experience for us as a family as well as my children as individuals.

Our eldest daughter, Jillian, has been studying in this school from Primary 1. She has remarkably improved her self-confidence since then. Her development in terms of her self-esteem and self-respect has been very steady and significantly evident since she started here at this school. Her leadership potentials have since then been awakened as she consistently develops.

My beloved triplet boys, Jayson, Jacob, and Joseph have been continuously enhanced their love for school and learning, in general. I specifically admire the school’s mission and vision to develop young children’s values and morals along with their academics. These definitely should go hand in hand in the school environment for they will grow up to be the future citizens of our society and our world.

My children have slowly, yet surely evolved into well-adjusted individuals with the help of this prestigious institution.

Mrs. Yvonne Supangkat
Parent of Jillian, Jayson, Jacob, and Joseph