Project Description

Our Academic Year always begins with a Yayasan Meeting during which the Yayasan shares with the staff the achievements of the previous year and plans for the new year. This year, even though the Yayasan Meeting was held online, everyone still felt a great sense of community and proudly heard how our graduating Year 12 students had achieved excellent results in the IB Diploma exams, achieving above world average scores, bringing pride to everyone who had the pleasure of teaching them during their years at Tunas Muda School. Pak Ridwan was welcomed as the new Principal of Tunas Muda School Meruya, along with a number of new members of staff and staff with new positions. We refocused on the mission and vision of our school, so we could all start with a clear reminder of who we are as a school and what we are working towards. Our new school theme of Shalom was introduced, as a focus for us all to develop peace with God, each other and ourselves. We wish all our teachers, students, staff and parents the very best of luck for the new Acadenic Year. With God’s grace we will achieve great things together.