Project Description

Congratulations to our Diploma Programme (DP) students for a job well done completing the programme. 


Highest score: 42 (Cheisya Madeline Susanto), followed by:

41 – Ruri Fatimah Paramitha

40 – Jasmine Angelina Agus

40 – Ainsley Celina Hadinata

40 – Nadia Adeline Ng


We are very proud to announce our highlights this year:

– Highest score of 42

– 38% of our DP students scored above 80% (36-45)

– Our best overall IB Diploma scores are above the world average.

TM Average: 33.41

World Average: 30.24


This is the first cohort that completed the full suite of assessments outlined in the programme after the pandemic and also sat for the DP exams.


We are extremely grateful to all the Graduates’ parents for their unwavering support and cooperation during their years at Tunas Muda School. Thank you also to all the teachers who have helped these students on their journey to reach this success.


We wish all our Year 12 Graduates the best in their futures, and we look forward to following their successes. May God bless you all.