Project Description

For the final CARE Workshop in this academic year, the CARE Department invited Ibu Becky Tumewu  on 5 April 2018 for Meruya parents and 19 April 2018 for Kedoya parents to conduct a workshop focusing on “Personal Branding”

Initially branding is used to mark ownership, and it makes a big impact on business growth. Many companies emphasize on the importance of branding. Now personal branding is not only used in industry but it is related to a person’s image.

Personal branding is the combination of a natural part and created part. We are who, how, and what we are. We must not be someone else. We may be inspired by others, but should still mantain our own style.

Ibu Becky closed the workshop by giving her conclusion that personal branding is the impression that reflects values, skills, attitude, and achievement that are created intentionally or unintentionally related to self-image. You are known as an educated person when you are being respectful and respecting others as well. That is the important thing that we need to teach to our children.