Project Description

On Tuesday, 31 st July and 6 th August 2018, Year 6 students of Meruya and Kedoya joined a Puberty Education Session which was conducted by Ms. Tasya and Ms.Vero (for girls), and Pak Ridwan (for boys). The interactive sessions helped the students become more knowledgeable about the many physical, emotional and mental changes that they will go through during puberty. New moral obligations and responsibilities that they need to carry as they develop into teenagers were also mentioned as part of their changing process. Some ‘burning’ questions were raised at the end of the session and both speakers tried to facilitate them with explanations and life examples. The learning engagement ended with a few minutes of writing on the provided reflection sheet. The students were quiet expressive in describing their mixed feelings and gave interesting answers to the questions listed. Hopefully this learning experience can leave a positive mark on the students and help them be more aware of what to expect during this special phase in life.