Project Description

Year 7 Character Camp from 30 August-1 September 2023, organized by Aethra Learning Center.

The student got the chance to learn and explore about IB Learner Profiles by doing the experiential learning. In this camp, they also build the characters that they need as secondary students. The experienced facilitators help the students to learn and apply the IB Learner profiles. They practiced being “communicators” during team building activities to reach the team’s goals. They solved the mystery during Escape Room activity to improve their profile as an “inquirer”, “thinker”, “knowledgeable” and “open-minded” person. The students also tried to earn and trade coins during Market Games to showed their “Risk-Taker”, “Principled” and “Reflective” side. In the end, they concluded all of the activities by build the tower to learned about being “Balanced” of everything that they already learned in three days of camp. In every activities the facilitators always give the students time to do reflections and discussions.