Tunas Muda has been a special part of my life for the past 24 years and I truly believe that I have been blessed with the honour of spending each day with children who love to learn and teachers who love to teach. It gives me such pleasure to see our children develop and grow, nurtured by their parents and teachers, to become young people who are equipped to face the challenges of adult life.

There is no better feeling than shedding a tear at the Year 12 Graduation Ceremony when a child who used to be so shy she would not speak in front of the class is graduating as a confident and knowledgeable young lady, ready to go to university. Or seeing a teenage student performing on the stage entertaining a theatre full of people, and remembering when he used to cry every time he had a class performance in Kindergarten. Or seeing a Year 11 student as a mentor for the Year 5 children at their camp and remembering how he used to regularly visit my room to discuss “how to be more responsible”. These moments remind me what a responsibility we have as teachers, and what joy it brings.

We are blessed here at Tunas Muda with an amazing family of children, teachers, staff and parents who have a special bond as members of Tunas Muda. We all firmly believe that everyone has special gifts and talents and we work together to ensure that everyone has the opportunity and encouragement to make the most of themselves. Seeing achievements, from the smallest step to the greatest leap, every day at Tunas Muda gives me such pride.

Rachel Groves,
Principal, Kedoya School

I have been in Tunas Muda for more than eleven years. Tunas Muda is like a second home for me. Staff, students and all school community care and support one to another. I feel we are like a big family.

Tunas Muda has been established for more than twenty-three years. As life-long learners, we see opportunities for everyone to grow academically, socially and spiritually. We believe that everyone can be a shining star through the unique talents God has given to each of us. Tunas Muda keeps growing because we believe in nurturing growth of all the school community together, where I am part of it.

Hendra Rusli, Head of Academics

Looking back to many years ago after I graduated in 2003, I would have told my family, friends and even myself, “I will never be a teacher.” But then here I am at Tunas Muda School and you won’t believe that now I say to my family, friends and even to myself, “It’s my calling to teach.”

When people ask my purpose in life, I can say teaching is my purpose now, to know that I’m doing God’s will and every day I am seeing the fruits and nurturing lives together in Tunas Muda, that I call my second home and my family. When I am coming to work, I feel like I am living out my purpose and my purpose has become my dream. Tunas Muda has taught me to dream and believe in whatever we do and that teaching is not only a job.

Teaching is about inspiring, giving to and caring for people around us, whoever they are and whatever their background is.. Every single day, I give my students, whom I called my kids, lessons of life and perceptions. I get them wondering and exploring the thinking and learning beyond the classroom and I want to see them being the best that they can be. This is all because of Tunas Muda’s philosophy and beliefs which has taught me a lot about why and how to teach; to lead and to give from the heart is the most important thing a teacher and a leader should do. Tunas Muda helps everyone to grow and to be the best that we can be. It is a home for me where I learn to teach and teach to learn. I am so blessed and thankful to be part of the Tunas Muda family in my teaching journey.

Yap Meilianny
IB-PYP Coordinator, Kedoya Campus