My First and Only School

Sometimes the community that you reside in, helps you see your passion in a new light. For me that community is Tunas Muda. Being in Tunas Muda since Kindergarten, my passion in Arts and Design have constantly been moulded and shaped through the experiences I had here. From winning my first ever drawing competition to participating in my first Maths competition, or the memory of learning my ‘first’ Adobe program to exploring my first installation artwork, as well as playing my first soccer match to my first stage performance. Tunas Muda taught me the first steps to my new exploration and experiences.

These experiences would have not been possible if it had not been for the teachers and staff who put a lot of effort into nurturing students. Creating a school community that got me to this point and influenced my approach towards Design. Each step of the program, specifically the IB DP program, taught me and prepared me for both my university and the Design industry. Without Theory of Knowledge or Extended Essay, I would have not been able to think critically or structure my Design research. While other subjects within the program such as Visual Arts and Maths HL taught me how to conceptualise my design and develop my thinking skills. This highlights how Tunas Muda has played a huge part in my career journey as a designer.

Those 17 years in Tunas Muda constantly gave me new perspectives on my interests in Design that continue to grow and change throughout the years. Those pivotal years of exploration drive the discovery of my passion today: Creating engaging experiences for society through Design, and it all started from this small community. I was able to learn and grow as a person, to become the designer I am today.

Jennifer Wiriawan

Class of 2015
BA(Hons) Design Communication (First Class Honours) at LASALLE College of the Arts
Currently working at Kinetic Design and Advertising Singapore

From school events like Sports Day and Market Day, to my participation in the Girl’s Soccer Team as well as Student Council, I am grateful that Tunas Muda has provided platforms that allowed me to explore my interests and talents. I especially found the school’s commitment to community service very rewarding for my character development, understanding the notion that self-improvement goes hand-in-hand with empathy for others.

My 2 years in the Diploma Programme, in particular, left the greatest impression for me.  Though the programme was not a walk in the park; looking back, I am grateful for the school’s support that constantly made me feel appreciated and well-guided, allowing me to navigate through the programme with more ease.

I can now say that all my hard work has borne some fruits as the Diploma Programme allowed me to transfer the credits that I have obtained from my IB subjects, saving me 1 year off from my undergraduate degree. Most importantly, I learned the importance of generosity and humility, and the necessity of tenacity in true leadership. Finally, I just want to thank Tunas Muda for nurturing me for more than a decade; which makes the school more than just an academic institution, but also a home and all the staff/faculty members my family who have shaped me to become the well-rounded person I am today.

Judith Sandra Suryanto
Class of 2018
Currently at Simon Fraser University, Vancouver, Canada

“Looking back at my days in Tunas Muda, I can say that I had the best six years of my academic life. As an IB student alumni, I had the privilege to be a part of a global society of students, being exposed to the best curriculum and countless life lessons that I carry though life. Little did I know then that my IB years helped me to navigate through university life and consulting career; to always think outside the box, push for insights and aim for impact. Another thing that made my school years so memorable was the spirit of “family” that the school system embodies – having a supportive circle of friends, teachers and parents through the ups and downs was something that I am eternally grateful for.”

Clarine Pranata
Class of 2012
SE of Universitas Prasetiya Mulya, Class of 2012
Currently working at The Boston Consulting Group, Jakarta

“I graduated from TMS in 2011, after 8 years at the school, and left Jakarta for Sydney in 2012. In 2016 I graduated with honours and after a month of deliberating, I chose to accept an offer to do a PhD. Since I left TMS 6 years ago, I’ve had the privilege of having some amazing experiences: I presented in Melbourne and Boston and soon in Vancouver, interned with a supervisor who graduated his PhD from Harvard and Yale (who later took me under his wing for my PhD), published a paper in an international journal, submitted another and collaborated with researchers from all over the globe.
Alongside my university career, I had the amazing privilege of serving in my local community as a youth worker, where I get to engage with hundreds of young people. I also come back each year to TMS to talk about family, healing and managing university life (which I absolutely love). One thing I learnt in TMS, was not only how to do education well, it’s how to do life well. Amazing teachers taught me not only how to encourage myself, but modelled what it looks like to love others when we’re fighting an inner battle. Amazing friends taught me what it means to share and be vulnerable, that there is bravery in admitting that we need help. TMS isn’t only a place of education, it’s where we learn to be the best we possibly can be. And for that, I am eternally thankful.
Currently i’m starting a project to improve mental health in Indonesia, and I can firmly say, it started in the halls and rooms of TMS.”

Sandersan (Sandy) Onie
Class of 2011
Psychology PhD Candidate at UNSW, Sydney.